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Mol’s Approach to CSR.

The foundations of corporate social responsibility (CSR) lie in ensuring that corporations give due consideration to social, environmental and human rights issues in their activities, thus achieving sustainable growth in harmony with society. 

The MOL Group provides an indispensable service to society through its operation of a fleet of oceangoing ships. We have been able to grow steadily over the last 130 years because, from the very beginning, we have consistently followed business policies compatible with contemporary standards of CSR, thus earning the support of stakeholders, including clients, shareholders, business partners and communities. MOL has drawn up Group Corporate Principles, and the group now addresses such issues as corporate governance, compliance and environmental protection.

MOL deliberates on CSR related policies and measures through three committees under the executive Committee.

The MOL Group’s initiatives and policies regarding overall CSR are deliberated on by the CSR and Environmental committee.

The Operational Safety Committee discusses basic policies and measures for ensuring safe operation of all MOL Group operated vessels through rigorous attention to detail.

The Compliance Committee is responsible for basic policies and measured for enhancing the compliance system, dealing with compliance violations and establishing a structure for protecting and managing personal information.

The CSR and Environment Office positions CSR activities as shown in the diagram below and works to achieve targets it sets for each item each fiscal year.

Raise corporate value, contribute to shareholders, help solve social issues and contribute to society’s sustainable growth.
Business Activities Trust and support of Stakeholders
Approaches to CSR
Safe Operation Fair Trading
Environmental Measures Respect for human rights
Compliance Employment
Corporate Governance Labour
Risk Management Occupational health and safety
Accountability Health management and employee satisfaction Social contribution activities
MOL Group Corporate Principles
Participating in the UN Global Compact

CSR activities are broad and, from time to time, the strength and priority of those activities change depending on the operating environment, global circumstances and region where business is being developed. With business activities spread across the globe, we believe that building good relationships with various stakeholders worldwide and contributing to the realisation of sustainable growth of society are vital as it seeks to realise the ideas set forth in the MOL Group Corporate Principles.

In March 2005, the MOL Group’s participation in the United Nations global Compact initiative was acknowledged and accepted by the United Nations. The Global Compact was initiated in 1999 by United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan and was ratified in July 2000. The Global Compact asks companies to embrace, support and enact, within their sphere of influence, a set of 10 core values in the areas of human rights, labour standards, the environment, and anticorruption.

By participating in the Global Compact, the MOL Group has declared its commitment to working towards the realisation of the Global Compact’s core values.

The MOL Group Basic Procurement Policy

MOL formed the MOL Group Basic Procurement Policy in 2012. This clearly documents our CSR activity policy regarding the Group’s procurement activities. To embed this policy in the MOL Group, we work throughout our supply chain to observer laws and regulations and social norms, incorporate consideration for environmental protection in our activities, pursue safety, engage in fair trading and build trust, with the understanding and cooperation of business partners. In this way, we aim to contribute towards the realisation of sustainable societies together.