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TOKYO - Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. announced the establishment of "MOL Auto Carrier Express (MOL ACE)" as global brand in the car carrier service, which is one of its major business fields. MOL will start to use "MOL ACE" beginning July 1, 2015.

MOL's car carrier service network includes offices and agencies in about 140 nations around the world, and the MOL Group operates about 120 car carriers to meet its customers' global transport needs. These vessels transport other large cargoes such as machinery and trailers used in construction as well as automobiles, buses and trucks. MOL also provides a broad range of related services such as overland transport of completed vehicles, coastal transport, and terminal operations in 6 nations, mainly in rapidly growing Asian markets.

MOL launched the world's first newbuilding hybrid car carrier, the Emerald Ace, in 2012, marking a significant advance in environment-friendliness. And in April of this year, it announced the nextgeneration of car carriers, the FLEXIE series, which adopt a new deck design. The "MOL ACE" brand recalls MOL's long history of vessels with "Ace" in the name, reflecting decades of innovation in environmental concern and higher levels of safety and technology. The global brand established today embodies the company's determination to build on these traditions as it continues to grow in the global market.

MOL will market its car carrier services making a full use of its global network under the "MOL ACE" brand, built on the themes of "safety" and "reliability", and continue to meet ever more diverse customer needs.

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Pure car and truck carriers (PCTCs) are designed to accommodate all types of vehicles from
MOL's operation safety and environmental protection activities are based on the company's exclusive safety management system

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