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Environmental Protection

ISO 14001: MOL has expanded the scope of its Environmental Management System (EMS) from onshore operations to all vessels in the fleet and in January 2003 received ISO 14001 international certification for environmental management. Furthermore, Mitsui O.S.K. Passenger Line Ltd, MOL Ferry Co Ltd, Kusakabe Marine Engineering Co Ltd, MOL Logistics (Japan) Co Ltd and three other group members have received ISO 14001 certification based on the MOL EMS or their own environmental management systems.

Green Management

MOL Group companies in Japan are working hard on complying with the ‘green management’ environmental certification system promoted y the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. In August 2005 Kyushu Kyuko Ferry Co Ltd * became the first domestic shipping company in Japan to earn this certification. Thus far 14 MOL Group companies have been certified.

(*) Merged with MOL Ferry Co Ltd in June 2007.

Protection of the Marine Environment

MOL takes extensive measures to ensure safe navigation and prevent the occurrence of oil spills and accidents, which represent serious threats to the marine environment.

In addition, care is exercised to reduce the impact on the oceans of normal operations of our vessels.

MOL strictly adheres to all marine pollution treaties, including the International Convention for Prevention of Pollution from Ships, as well as applicable laws and regulations around the world. The company has stringent internal rules to prevent oil discharges and to ensure the proper disposal of lubricating oil and bilge water (which includes oil and other pollutants). Other measures in place to reduce environmental loads include use of environmentally responsible anti-fouling paint and proper management of ballast water.

Prevention of Air Pollution and Global Warming.

MOL’s primary actions to prevent air pollution are focused on reducing exhaust gasses, a factor in global warming and acid rain, and replacing Freon and CFC’s, substances that destroy the ozone layer that shields the earth from ultraviolet radiation, with substitute refrigerents.

Through the introduction of larger vessels and improvement of propulsion, MOL believes these are effective measures to fulfil the social responsibility of the shipping industry to meet both the international demand for ocean shipping and at the same time, preventing global warming.

In June 2012, MOL took delivery of the Emerald Ace, the world’s first hybrid car carrier. The ship is equipped with lithium-ion batteries that are charged by solar power generation systems while at sea. The Emerald Ace then uses this power while at berth, which allows the diesel power generators to be completely shut off. As a result, the Emerald Ace can achieve “zero emissions while at berth.” Having actually operated this vessel for 2 years, MOL has confirmed that is has achieved zero emissions while at berth and that the load on diesel powered generators has been reduced by approximately 4.2%. This is a major step forward in realising the company’s image of future car carriers.

Eco Sailing Policy

MOL practices an approach we call ECO SAILING to save fuel and reduce environmental impact. We rigorously apply the principles of ECO SAILING whenever we operate vessels. Specifically we decelerate to the most economical navigation speeds, take advantage of the weather and sea condition forecasts, select optimum routes, optimise operation and maintenance of main engines , auxiliary equipment and other machinery, develop energy efficient ship designs and equip our vessels with Propeller Boss Cap Fins which efficiently recover energy loss from the hub vortex generated behind a ships propeller.

Third Party Environmental Evaluations
  • DJB Environmental Rating

  •    Since 2003 MOL has been included in the DJSI Asia Pacific, a designation reserved for companies of
       sustaining growth over the long term while maintaining excellence in environmental, social and investor
       relations programs.
  • CSR rating by the FTSE4Good Global Index

  •    FTSE is a global index company owned by the London Stock Exchange. Since 2003, FTSE has included MOL
       in one of its major indices, the FTSE4Good Global Index, which is a socially responsible investment index.
  • The MorningStar Socially Responsible Investment Index (MS-SRI)

  •    Since 2003, MOL has been selected by Morningstar Japan K.K. for superior social responsibility and included
       in the MS-SRI.
  • The Global 100 Top sustainable Companies

  •    In 2011, MOL was selected for inclusiuon in the Global 100 Index published every year by the Canadian
       company Corporate Knights Inc.
  • SMBC Sustainability Assessment Loan

  •    In 2013, MOL became the first company to receive an SMBC Sustainability Assessment Loan from
       Sumintomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC), winning specific praise for timely and accurate disclosure of
       environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and for its initiatives on suatainability.