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The world's leading car carrier fleet

Pure car and truck carriers (PCTCs) are designed to accommodate all types of vehicles, from completed passenger cars to construction machinery. The structure of these ships allows efficient loading of large numbers of vehicles on multilayered decks, just like multilevel parking lots.

In 1965 MOL launched their first ship designed specifically to transport cars. Since then, our service has expanded from handling Japanese exports to serving global auto production centers -- Japan/South Korea, North America, Europe, Southeast Asia as well as the emerging markets. Today's car carriers are designed to ship all types of motor vehicles, from automobiles to construction machinery.

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A built-in ramp-way is extended from the stern or the side of these ships to the wharf, allowing the vehicles to be driven on and off.

MOL operates the world's largest fleet of car carriers, the largest of which can hold up to 6,400 vehicles. And all MOL car carriers have enough headroom between decks to accommodate today's popular SUVs and mini-vans, and enough strength to handle extra-heavy construction machinery.

MOL operates 94 car carriers (at end March 2007), and have committed to a new build plan that will introduce at least a further 25 vessels by 2010.